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Overweight Wombat Gets Stuck In a Flower Pot

A wombat stuck in a flower potWombats, those burly beasts from Australia, are renowned for their digging prowess.

But when baby Peaches could not find any decent earth to practice in at her carer's wildlife rehabilitation centre, she set to work on the flower pots.

She started digging into the earth in carer Shirley Lack's verandah pots, uprooting all the plants and breaking a few pots in the process.

The noise woke up Shirley at her home in the wildlife centre in the town of Tomerong, north of Sydney.

Hurrying out in her nightgown, she caught four-month-old Peaches in the act – pushing her nose deep down into one large pot and clawing out the roots of one of Shirley's prize camellias.

Source: DailyMail
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