Pigeon Falls In Love with Man

Pokey the pigeonChartered accountant Andy, 42, took pity on the bedraggled bird when it turned up on his doorstep after a storm.

But now Pokey the pigeon can’t leave Andy alone.

The dad of four revealed how she: attacks wife Trude if she goes near him; sits on Andy’s car dasboard for drives; uses the family toilet if it needs to go indoors; settles on Andy’s knee when he takes a bath and stalks him if he tries to spend time alone.
Andy, of Maidenhead, Berks, said: “It sounds crazy but she’s fallen head over heels for me.

“She will fly over for me to caress her beak, peck my fingers and strut about puffing up her chest to deter females. If Trude comes near me she will fly at her head and peck her. She is overcome with jealousy.”

Pigeon expert Prof Danial Haag-Wackernagel, of the University of Basel in Switzerland, said: “Pokey is ‘imprinted’ to Andy as a mate.

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Video: Maidenhead Advertiser via Arbroath
Source: The Sun
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Anonymous said…
when is the wedding ,you must be hen pecked, do you have to wear a ring on your leg ?,let me know and i will fly over with a coo present,till then keep your pigeon chest out and pecker up ,dont let her fly off with the parrot from up the road Regards Your neighbour from two lofts away