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Shoes Fit For an Elephant!

Elephant bootsClick on image for a larger view.

Sexy Manolos or Jimmy Choos may top the wishlist of many women this Christmas, but huge waterproof boots were the ideal festive gift for two jumbo females at Singapore's zoo.

Vets on Wednesday fitted Asian elephants Tun and Jamilah with specially-made protective boots made from a durable, breathable fabric in a bid to relieve their chronic foot lesions.

Tun, 20 years old, has one front leg longer than the other. Her problems started when a male elephant in the same exhibit mounted her and caused her to buckle, the zoo said.

"The best solution we could think of was some type of protective boot that was durable enough for elephant wear-and-tear and possibly also waterproof," said vet Sonja Luz.

Video after the jump.

Video: Straits Times
Source: Reuters
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How about just letting them walk on nataural dirt, instead of the cement and asphalt that is so hard? I'm surprised I have to tell you this stuff. What is the natural terrain where they come from? Duh!

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