Shower Washable Business Suit to Go On Sale in Japan

Washable suitsNo time to take your suit to a dry cleaner? Just turn on the shower to wash it at home.

Washable suits are already available, but Japanese clothing company Konaka says its "Shower Clean" line of business suits, which can be washed in a warm shower and require no ironing, is one-of-a-kind.

Konaka says the suits — made of a lightweight fabric easy to clean — will be available in February in Japan.

The firm's Web site shows how to clean them: Reverse the jacket and pants, put them on clothes hangers and douse with warm water for a few minutes to clean the inside. Repeat the process to clean the outside and drip-dry.

The suits, available for both men and women, will be priced between $260 and $492, according to the company, which has some 320 stores nationwide.

Source: Konaka (Pdf format in Japanese) & Chron
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