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Puppy Born With 6 Paws

Octopus, the dogVeterinarians and an animal welfare group in Hong Kong were trying on Monday to save the life of a sickly abandoned puppy born with six paws.

The five-week-old tiger-striped mongrel, nicknamed Octopus, was part of a litter of six puppies abandoned and due to be destroyed in government kennels before being saved by Hong Kong Dog Rescue.

Octopus has an unusual condition in which the two bones of his forelegs have grown apart and a separate paw has grown on the end of each bone, giving him four front paws.

He is barely able to stand and his condition is worsened by the fact that he has a severe case of tick fever, which vets said must be cured before any surgery can be carried out.

Source: News24
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Aww the poor sweet little baby!! I hope he makes a full recovery and gets a loving family!

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