'Smelly' Girl Made To Sit In Corridor

Hope NicholsA schoolgirl aged eight was made to work alone in a corridor because her teacher was allergic to the fabric softener on her clothes.

Sarahjane Nichols was stunned to receive a letter from the school asking her to change the brand she uses when washing the uniform of her daughter, Hope.

She wrote back to say that Lenor fabric softener was the only brand which does not irritate Hope's eczema.

However, Gregory Hill, headteacher at Howard Junior School in Gaywood, Norfolk, has now warned that if she does not swap brands or reduce the amount she uses, Hope's class teacher may have to take time off work because of a "severe allergy to perfumes and fragrances".

Mrs Nichols said: "It is terrible. All the other children think Hope has been asked to sit outside because she smells funny. She has been in tears before school saying she doesn't want to go."

Source: Telegraph
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PRZ said…
What are these uniforms made of that the mother can't just stop using fabric softener altogether?
Spluch said…
Good point! I suppose not using a softener should solve their problem in this case.