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Snake Collar for Cat

Jelly, the 9-year-old catThis would have to be one of the luckiest cats alive. Nine-year-old Jelly spent some time yesterday walking around with a copperhead snake wrapped around her neck.

Owner Wendy Wallis said Jelly wandered back in to their property carrying the snake with her. She called wildlife rescuers who removed the snake.

"Both the cat and the snake seemed quite happy," Ms Wallis said. "She didn't show any signs of a bite last night, but this morning she was almost paralysed.

"She's at the Montrose vet at the moment being pumped full of anti-venom, but the vet says she'll recover fully."

Ms Wallis said she snapped the picture through a glass door, but didn't dare open the door as the cat would have walked inside.

Source: Mercury
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