The "Supermarket" Tattoo Is Here To Stay

Tattoo that says supermarketA teenage girl who had her lover's nickname tattooed onto her stomach found out months after they split up that it actually said "supermarket".

Joanne Raine discovered the mistake after she walked into a Chinese takeaway to find out what the tattoo symbols really meant.

Miss Raine, 19, from Firthmoor, Darlington, had the tattoo done in March 2005 six months after she started going out with Andrew Blenche.

She had wanted to have a tattoo of Roo, Andrew's nickname. Miss Raine said: "They had Chinese symbols on the wall. "So I picked capital r, capital o and small o, so they were all different."

"I was just embarrassed. My friends have been laughing at me. I cannot cover it up and it costs too much to get it removed."

She said she regretted having it done and may write to the tattoo parlour to complain.

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Source: Northern Echo
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Anne! said…
I'd rather have "supermarket" tattooed on me then the name of my ex. At least supermarket is funny instead of sad/pathetic.
Spluch said…
That's true! Tattooing the name of a girlfriend/boyfriend on one’s body is almost always a bad idea.