Teenager Sunk His New Car at the Beach

Sam Hamilton sitting on his sinking carTeenager Sam Hamilton got that sinking feeling as he took his treasured new car for a spin.

The 18-year-old could only sit and watch as waves engulf his beloved Christmas present.

The teenager had made the mistake of taking his black Fiat Punto for a spin on Blackpool beach while visiting the resort with four friends.

But his delight rapidly turned into a festive nightmare when the car, which he had only been given to him five days earlier, became beached in the sand near the Sandcastle at South Shore.

Despite frantic attempts to save the car, which had cost a whopping £1,600 ($3,200) to insure, it was destroyed when the high tide came in.

Sam, who only recently passed his driving test, came a cropper after deciding to drive down an open sliproad to the beach.

The college student from Bolton said: "I'm absolutely devastated - it was my pride and joy.

"My dad went mad. My mum was just glad I'm alright.

Source: DailyMail
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