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Texas Man Crafts Pens from Cow Patties

Pen made from cow pattiesOne cow's excrement is one man's fine writing instrument. At least it is for John Lopez, 42, who began making his South Texas Cow Patty Pens six years ago with local, natural materials.

He perfected the process through trial and error. The end result: flecks of brown suspended in a clear plastic, looking almost like wood from a distance.

The finished product goes for $45.

Lopez's pens have become fairly well known around Atascosa County, one collector of his work said.

A jack-of-all-trades, Lopez has made everything from patio furniture to metal coat racks and even earrings, but only pens, darts, knife handles and letter openers from cow patties.

Source: Dallasnews
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um, i love pens but i would not pay 45 dollars for cow poo....

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