Violent Cat Leaves Postmen Running Scared

Georgi, the catA cat with a grudge against postmen left his owners fearing they were social lepers.

Sarah and Ben Goddard, of Derby, began to wonder why they had become so unpopular when their daily post dried up.

All was explained when she chased after a postman who told them they would have to collect their mail from the sorting office.
"He said our dog was always attacking him and had even drawn blood," she said. "I told him we've only got a cat."

The couple later received a note that deliveries could be suspended because staff feared being savaged by their cat. They learned that 18-month-old Georgi had been attacking postmen for months.

One victim was left bleeding after the cat swiped his hand as he pushed envelopes through the door.

The problem was solved when Mr Goddard, 27, a land surveyor, put a postbox at the end of the driveway.

Source: Telegraph
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