Swan Abandons Plastic Heartthrob

They made an unlikely couple - Petra the graceful black swan and the plastic pedal boat she followed around a lake in the north of Germany. But after nearly two years the bond of affection appears to have broken and love struck bird has turned her back on the swan-shaped white pedal for someone else.

For the past week Petra has been swanning around with a new companion - one of the feathered kind. "They swim together and eat together. They are virtually inseparable," said Joerg Adler, director of the zoo in Muenster, where the pair are spending the winter.

Adler said he was making preparations for them to return to the lake in the spring when the rival swan appeared on the scene in a glittering coal of white feathers. In fact, the young swan appears to have been courting Petra before she left the lake and followed her via a canal which links it to the zoo.

But nevertheless a question-mark hangs over Petra's new partnership. It is still not clear whether her new paramour is a male or a female.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Dailynews
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