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Window Washer Survives 47-Story Plunge

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Experts are grappling with how a New York City window washer miraculously survived a plunge from a 47-story high-rise that killed his brother.

Doctors and physicists said the stunning fall suffered by Alcides Moreno, 37, would have normally meant sure death, but that the 125 mph descent was possibly blunted by random air currents rising between the city's tall buildings and by an aluminum platform he clung to while falling hundreds of feet.

Experts said that the extra bit of resistance, which slowed his descent, saved his life.

Moreno and his brother Edgar, 30, fell as they were getting ready to work outside a luxury apartment building on Dec. 7.

Moreno remains in critical condition but has moved his arms and legs and tried to open his eyes. Edgar did not survive.

Source: New York Post & Fox News
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