With 42 Christmas Trees, She's an "Ornament Junkie"

Cindy Johnson never decorates her Lyndon Township home for Halloween or Valentine's Day or Easter. How could she?

During that time span, she's busy putting up or taking down Christmas decorations. She decks the halls with 42 trees, as well as a large collection of other decorations, in what amounts to a six-month challenge.

"It just got out of control," admits Johnson, who works as an IT operations supervisor at the Borders Group corporate office in Ann Arbor. "I'm an ornament addict, a Christmas junkie."

She already owns 2,000 Hallmark ornaments and 500 "generic" ornaments, but knows that when the after-Christmas half-off sale begins, she'll be getting about a 100 more.

She started buying dated ornaments in 1975. When she ran out of room on the tree for more of those, she decided to buy another tree, then another and another.

"Some people tell stories about their kids," she says. "I talk about my trees. They all think I'm crazy."

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Source: Mlive
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