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Woman Makes Art From Tumble Dryer Fluff

Using low status packaging materials and fluff from a tumble dryer Saira Lloyd’s work consists of sculptural pieces that try to capture and retain the minute and microscopic residues of everyday life that we constantly leave behind. This precious debris contains fragments of skin, hair and dirt, which document the passing of time.

Video: LiveLeak
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That is interesting, although I think they look like little bags of poo!

Thanks for the great posts, Jeff

Has she tried washing her clothes before tumble-drying? I find it gets rid of all the detritus and leaves only loose fabric fibres in my tumble-dryer. Radical idea I know...

I can't confirm that she did wash her clothes first but personally, I wouldn’t put dirty clothes into a tumble dryer.

I think they look good enough to eat,she should fry them up and eat them and then inspect the result and I think she wilol discover what this art really is.

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