Woman Opens Death-Themed Hotel

Mausoleum-themed inn in Lishui townA Chinese woman has opened a mausoleum-themed inn to let people experience the feeling of death.

Jiao Meige set up the Mausoleum Inn in a house in Lishui town, Jiangsu province.

The building is shaped like a Chinese mausoleum, and the beds are in the shapes of coffins.

"I rented this piece of land to put a farm there, but because there are many old graves in the field, no one wants to work here," she said.

Jiao says the idea for the Mausoleum Inn came to her in a flash.

"Since there are so many graves, why don't I give people a chance to experience death?" she asked.

"There are no services at night, and the guest can go nowhere, since outside is just a vast graveyard."

Jiao says no residents with heart problems will be accepted, and mental patients must be accompanied by healthy people.

Source: Ananova
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