1,000-Pound Butter Sculpture

Butter sculptureA much-anticipated butter sculpture with a green future was unveiled in Harrisburg on Thursday.

Officials from the Pennsylvania Farm Show pulled away the blue curtain to reveal a 1,000-pound, high-calorie carving of a school bus, children and a rather large cow. The fanciful sculpture was made from more than 1,000 pounds of butter.

Sculptor Jim Victor began work on the project three days before Christmas. He finished Wednesday, Jan. 2.

"It's a take on Mary Had a Little Lamb. As you can see, the girl is trying to bring her cow to school," Victor said. "It's an absurd proposition. But we like absurdity in the visual arts business."

The butter sculpture will be sent to Penn State University and State College High School, where it will be turned into biodiesel fuel that will be used to run tractors and lawn mowers.

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