11-Year-Old Boy Partially Deaf for Nine Years Is Suddenly Cured

Jerome with the cotton budAn 11-year-old boy from Britain, who was partially deaf for nearly 10 years, was suddenly cured when a thick piece of cotton popped out of his ear.

Jerome Bartens was diagnosed as deaf in his right ear when he was just two-years-old.

Over the next nine years, he struggled to live a normal life as a young boy — but everything changed when he felt a sudden pop in his right ear while playing a game of pool with friends.

He put his finger in his ear and pulled out a tip of a cotton wool bud that had been wedged in his ear since he was a toddler.

"It was very strange at first to be able to hear everything," said Barten.

"But now I'm getting used to it — it's great that people don't have to shout to me or that I don't have to turn my head all the time."

Source: DailyMail & Fox News
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mgroves said…
I'm not buying this. Wouldn't a doctor have at least *looked in his ear* and noticed a piece of cotton?
Spluch said…
That's true... but to error is to human and doctors do make silly mistakes sometimes... If this is for real, then he/she should be totally ashame of himself/herself...
Anonymous said…
What a lawsuit bonanza. Everyone who ever cared for him, every doctor, daycare, hospital, school, school nurse... From now on, any time a kid has a hearing/breathing/visual problem, doctors and their lawyers are going to go nuts to make sure they won't be next in the lawsuit lottery. With the cost of going to a doctor these days, I can see this turning out very badly as people try to take care of the problem at home, too.