Artist Creates 20ft Figure Out Of Rock without Using a Hammer or Chisel

Fallen Angel, built from 300 individual pieces of stoneAn artist has spent three years scouring the globe for individual rocks which resemble body parts - to make a remarkable 2.5-tonne sculpture of the human form.

Duncan Elliott, 43, hauled stones ranging from the size of marbles up to 90kg from fields and mountains across Europe.

Each rock he used was precisely the right form - and proportionally the right size - for the body part it represents and has not been chipped or shaped.

The biggest is a 90kg piece of Mendip limestone, for the belly. The smallest are pieces of limestone from Crete weighing less than a gramme each, for the fingernails.

Elliott attached the 300 rocks using a hidden steel cable skeleton to produce the 20ft-high Fallen Angel, which represents Satan being thrown out of heaven.

It has now been unveiled as the centrepiece of the Crown Plaza Hotel in Liverpool.

Source: DailyMail
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KnowWhereMan said…
I personally know this guy and have seen his other works. You really have to see them in 3d to fully appreciate the craftsmanship and talent!
Spluch said…
Would love to see his awesome artwork in person when given the chance!