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AtomFilms' 'Kung-Fu Election' Turns Politics into a Blood Sport

Kung-Fu ElectionAtomFilms has released an exclusive new online game, "Kung-Fu Election" at www.kungfuelection.com. The game lets pundits and voters alike soothe their election-induced anxieties and put some punch behind their political convictions.

The "Kung-Fu Election" game invites players to choose their favorite candidate and take them into battle against a political enemy. Options include Democratic frontrunners Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and Bill Richardson as well as their Republican counterparts Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mike Huckabee. The would-be presidents duke it out with an array of special weapons and Kung-Fu moves that will leave only one man -- er, person -- standing. (If you thought that McCain was too old for the rigors of a grueling election, wait until you see what he can do with a bo staff in his hands!)

Start playing after the jump.

Source: Kung-Fu Election via Finchannel
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