A Ball Bonanza at the Spanish Steps

Barcaccia fountainA greyish 18th-century landmark in Rome was transformed into a colorful mess when a half-million plastic balls were dumped at the top of the Spanish Steps.

The balls bounced downhill before filling the Barcaccia fountain, leaving surprised passers-by and tourists snapping pictures of a scene that recalled the indoor-playground ball pits that spark joyful frolicking by children of all ages.

Many people collected some of the balls and took them away as an “unforgettable souvenir of this event,” which was pulled off by Graziano Cecchini, the man who turned Trevi Fountain blood-red last October.

“It is an artistic operation that documents with art the problems that we have in Italy,” Mr. Cecchini said at the scene. He was later detained by police.

Here's a video which captured the stunt.

Video: YouTube
Source: New York Times
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