Big Sweat As Human Hippo Brady Barr Gets Stuck In Mud

Brady Barr pretending to be a hippoWhen naturalist Dr Brady Barr needed to get close to a wild hippo to take a sweat sample, he thought he had the perfect answer.

He concealed himself inside a lifelike - and armoured - hippo suit and inched across the mud of a Zambian wildlife park until he was within sniffing distance of the real thing.

But then disaster struck. His hippo outfit weighed 14 stone and Dr Barr soon found he was stuck in the mud.

All attempts to free himself from the sticky situation he found himself in merely ended up deeper in the mud.

With a real hippopotamus loitering menacingly, half-submerged in a stream in front of him, Dr Barr was forced to radio for help.

A local ranger sneaked up to the contraption with his rifle at the ready in case the beast charged at them.

Fortunately, the hippopotamus decided the two humans were not worth the effort, choosing instead to leave his bath and wander off in the opposite direction.

This allowed the relieved, and perhaps somewhat embarrassed, zoologist the chance to escape with his limbs intact.

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Brady Barr pretending to be a hippo

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Video: LiveLeak
Source: DailyMail

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TimO said…
Hah! Didn't he watch "Ace Ventura 2" with Jim Carrey???? He should have put in that rear escape hatch....

Spluch said…
You certainly reminded me of that scene... :)