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Cat Freed From Jar in Hunterdon

Stuck CatAnimal control officials in Hunterdon County rescued a feral cat today that had been wandering for days with its head stuck in a glass jar.

The 8-month old domestic shorthair male was found wedged under a deck along Routes 202/31 in Raritan Township. A veterinarian used cooking oil to remove the container, described as a mason jar, typically used to store vegetables or fruit.

"We just worked a little on the neck and it popped right off," said Thomas Dodd, the animal control officer for Raritan Township.
Officials found the cat around 5:30 a.m. "hollering and screaming" with its rear end jutting from under the deck of a real estate office.

The animal had been seen walking the property near the Copper Hill Country Club, but efforts to catch him were unsuccessful.

The cat will be transported to the Hunterdon Humane Animal Shelter on Friday, and will be available for adoption after seven days, officials said.

Source: Nj
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I am glad to see that it is not just my cat that does this. Great site!

Thanks for the compliment! :)

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