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Cat Sneaks onto Flight in Owner's Suitcase

Seth and Kelly Levy hold their 10-month-old cat, Gracie Mae.A Florida woman says she's grateful for a good Samaritan who took care of her 10-month-old tabby cat after it hopped a plane to Dallas.

Kelly Levy discovered her cat -- Gracie Mae -- was missing after she took her husband to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport so he could catch a flight to Texas.

Levy posted fliers and searched her house, but couldn't find the cat.

Later, a man telephoned Levy and told her he had accidentally picked up her husband's suitcase at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. He told Levy when he opened the black suitcase, Gracie Mae jumped out.

Levy figures that the cat quietly crawled into the suit section of the suitcase and hid.

They threw the suitcase in the trunk and never heard a sound from it.

"My poor cat, who just had surgery, survives being packed away in the suitcase, going through the Fort Lauderdale baggage process, going through the X-ray, being loaded onto the airplane, flown four hours to Texas and unloaded," Levy said.

Gracie Mae has been returned to Levy and her husband.

Source: Sun-Sentinel & Kvia
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