Cheeky Crook 'Called Cab to Make Getaway'

London CabA British burglary victim voiced disbelief Monday at a thief's "unbelievable" cheek in calling a taxi from her ransacked home to make his getaway.

Cardiff Crown Court jailed Gareth Waith, 22, for three years after he admitted stealing $6800 dollars worth of goods from neighbour Katie Battiscombe's house in the Welsh capital when everyone was out.

Having stuffed mobile phones, a DVD player, a laptop computer, a television and computer games into a holdall and some refuse bags in the Halloween raid last October, the burglar then used the house phone to call a cab.

"I couldn't stop laughing when I found out," Battiscombe, 24, told the South Wales Echo regional newspaper.

"The nerve of some people is just unbelievable.

"The thought of him calling a taxi from my house phone and then just sitting on my wall with all my stuff, waiting for it to arrive, is just ridiculous."

Source: Ninemsn
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