Fruit Stickers Art

Sticker artThere are some works of art that just stick with you. An artist in Erie hopes his work will do just that.

From John Lennon and the Beatles to iconic paintings such as "American Gothic," his art gets its core appeal from those little stickers that grace your produce at the supermarket.

His highly-detailed work all got started on a whim,"It just sort of evolved from putting em on a piece of paper on the refrigerator into doing designs with 'em, to maybe I can do an image with 'em," said Snyder.

Once he chooses his subject, he outlines the image on his canvas and then figures out the color scheme for each section. Then he carefully glues and places each sticker... making sure they don't wrinkle or fall off.

A big piece, like one he's doing of John Lennon from the Sgt. Pepper's album cover, will take him six months to finish. And since each work takes thousands and thousands of stickers, he relies on the kindness of strangers.

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Source: Cw2
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