Humongous Hamburger Sets Record in California

Beef eaters in Stockton are raving over a meaty subject; weighing in at 222 pounds, this heavyweight is the largest cheeseburger ever made in California.

Chefs at Fat’s Grill and Bar cooked up the monstrous hamburger and grilled their way into a new record.

This tenth-of-a-ton feast, complete with bun, needed 480 slices of cheese, 40 pounds of tomatoes, and 19 heads of lettuce.

It was slathered with mustard and ketchup.

What this behemoth used up in one serving, Burger King and Whataburger use in one day.

Hungry onlookers were later given a slice of the savory meal.

Video: ClipSyndicate
Source: Keyetv
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