'Like A Marriage:' Men Ride 2-Person Snowboard

Snowboard for 2Everyone's heard of a bicycle built for two, but how about a two-person snowboard?

Butch Brady, of Jackson, built one. Recently he teamed up with another snowboarder, Eric Sweet, to make some two-man turns at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

They did it for a television crew and for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Sweet said riding the tandem board took a bit of practice, but he soon got the hang of it. He said it's a lot like marriage -- riders split the work and give up half of the control.

The two-person snowboard is called the "XJ-13" and measures 9 feet, 7 inches (2.9 meters) long. Guinness says it may be the world's longest snowboard.

Source: Jhnews and Guide & Cbs4
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Anonymous said…
Awesome idea! I love the therapeutic possibilities of this, or a triple, board. Also just pure fun! Rock on, brothers!
Anonymous said…
totally awesome! Sweet will take this to the next level! rock it!!!