Man Returns $185K Check He Spotted

Reggie DamoneFor just an instant Saturday night, Reggie Damone said he knew what it must feel like to hold a winning lottery ticket.

He picked up a nondescript envelope on the sidewalk in front of Dunkin’ Donuts in downtown Norwich to write down a phone number for a friend. He tore the corner to reveal a check for $185,000 inside.

“This could pay my rent for ... for a long time,” Damone said. “I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to have that much money. It makes you kind of think of the lottery.”

He said he never was tempted to cash the check himself and even worried about holding it for too long.

So after making several phone calls to find the rightful owner of the check, Damone rode the bus back to Norwich Monday to deliver it back to the rightful owner.

He met with Kathy Lord-Richard Monday at a downtown bank, he said. She thanked him, and handed him a card with a $50 bill. He said he never expected a reward and was grateful.

Source: Norwich Bulletin
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jason m vale said…
$50??? What a cheapskate!!! I would think it warrants $1000 at a minimum. That's like a slap in the face. That will teach him to be dishonest next time.
Spluch said…
Well, $50 isn’t much but he doesn't have to live with the constant fear of getting caught...
Carmelita said…
$50 ???? He had great blessing and honest to give to banker should be give big $$$ to him. He had bless his heart. Please give him 10 thousands dollars. Come on! God saw everything in his life needs!!! i feel crying in my heart. If he found the check of mine. Then, I will give him a big award. He didn't try to doing wrong. HE DOING RIGHT THINGS!!!!!!