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Meet the Nine-Year-Old Who Can Balance 14 Spoons on His Face

Joe Allison displays the skill he's been practising for two yearsMost people eat with them. Some people play them. But Joe Allison is a a bit different.

He balances spoons on his face. The nine-year-old is so skilled at it that he has his sights set on a world record attempt.

He began his hobby two years ago when his cousin encouraged him to try it and he now spends hours practising every day.

Joe can now hang 14 off his face - four from his forehead, one from his nose, mouth and chin, two from each cheek, two from his right ear and one from his left.

He is now aiming to beat the world record of 15 spoons set by 16-year-old Tim Johnston in California in 2004.

Hit the jump for a bigger picture.

Source: DailyMail
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