More links for 16 Jan 2008

Miracle dog survived with arrow in body. [Mlive]
It may look like a museum exhibit, but at 58 years old this oven is still going strong. [Halifax Courier]
Did a pair of twins really get married by mistake? [Guardian]
Creative sculptures and furnitures made from military weapons. [Hemmy]
Power-assist robot suit for farmers. [Pink Tentacle]
This Javascript code allows you to change the text on any Web page allowing you to have some fun by creating your own news. [J-Walk]
The world's happiest countries. [Business Week]
Lend me your ears, and the world will sound very different. [ScienceDaily]
Woman with half an ovary gives birth to a healthy baby boy. [DailyMail]
A granite dealer who noticed an unusual image in a rock slab plans to sell it on eBay. [MyFox]
US approves animal clones as food. [BBC]
Amateur UFO investigators are to descend on a farming community in Texas where dozens of people reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky. With video! [Telegraph]