More links for 19 Jan 2008

A new TV documentary named Life After People will be airing on the History Channel on the 21st this month. It gives us a look at what would happen if all humans suddenly disappear from Earth. [History Channel via Boing Boing]
Extraordinary pictures of the alphabet - spelled out on butterflies' wings. [DailyMail]
Researchers are developing a paper aircraft capable of surviving the flight from the International Space Station to the Earth’s surface. [Pink Tentacle via Inventor Spot]
Doctors in Los Angeles were surprised to find a large pencil fragment stuck in the brain cavity of a 15-year-old boy when they took an X-ray of his head. With video! [Knbc]
Along with used books, second-hand computers, radios and sports equipment, a human skull went on sale at a Belgrade flea market but found no buyers. [The Mercury]
The 5 most horrifying bugs in the world [Cracked]
Anglers hook 100-year-old monster fish weighing over 35 stone (222 kg). [DailyMail]
A very well-shot video clip of two people who fall in love in a backwards world. [I-Am-Bored]
Lego master completes 30-pound (13.6 k) Star Wars Starship model. [Gizmodo]
Create your own masterpiece by moving your cursor around the screen on this site. [Hotflyer]
Ancient "Lost City" Discovered in Peru, Official Claims. [National Geographic, Video: LiveLeak]
Top 10 Sci Fi inventions that should not be invented. [Listverse]
Customer leaves $400 tip for waitress. With video! [Kmbc]
Cute praying dog. [Metro]