More links for 26 Jan 2008

A remote-controlled car racing a real car. [LiveLeak]
A root shaped like a man and woman. [The Sun]
A letter released with a balloon nearly 15 years ago by an elementary school first-grade girl in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, has been found clinging on a shark-skin flounder landed in Choshi, Chiba Prefecture. [Japan Today]
Teach your brain to stretch time. [New Scientist]
The humanoid robot that recognizes when people are lost and helps them find their way. [Pink Tentacle]
Creating life from scratch moves one step closer. [BBC]
Do's and don'ts with babies. [Cool Stuff]
Double amputee walks again due to Bluetooth. [Cnn, Video: Cnn]
Artist Juan Francisco Casas uses a bic pen to create stunning, photo-realistic drawings. [Andrew Sullivan]
Mother sacrificed her life by refusing cancer treatment so her premature baby would live. [Telegraph]