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More links for 3 Jan 2008

Cat survives in garden shed for two months by licking condensation off windows. [DailyMail]
Lost jewellery found in fish. [Mecury]
Boy, 12, hooks 551-pound bull shark. [PalmBeach, Video: Cnn]
Dog survives being shot in head by cop. With video! [Myfox]
Toilet seat that changes colour depending on how warm it is. [Gizmodo]
A car losing it's rear axle in a race is something you don't see every day. [Maniac World]
Some college students will do anything for extra cash, even if it means sniffing livestock excrement. [Wgal]
Astronomers find 'youngest' planet which is just 10 million years old. [Times Online]
New year panoramas around the world. [Panoramas]
Paper plane flying around the New York skyline. [I-Am-Bored]
Large Louisiana men claim restaurant banned them for eating too much. [Yahoo News]
Sex with robots? A view of the future. [New York Times]
Apes can laugh just like humans, say scientists. [DailyMail]

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