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More links for 31 Jan 2008

Oregon boy parks bike in wrong place, Goodwill store sells it. [SeattleTimes]
Mickey Mouse busted for drunk driving. With video! [Cbs13]
Coke bottle coffins. [Yahoo News]

Council opens new playground for grandma. [DailyMail]
The earthworm that gives off a scent similar to that of the lily flower. [Wikipedia]
To do tattoo. [Fred via OhGizmo!]
This creature is immune to pain. [Yahoo News]
Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis. [Yahoo News]
Poor Haitians resort to eating dirt. [Ap]
Vaccine for drug addiction could offer hope to users. [The Age]
Swimmers' sunscreen killing off coral. [National Geographic]
An all-chocolate room was unveiled in Manhattan - a pre-Valentine's Day creation complete with furniture and artworks made of the sweet stuff. [Smh]
A collection of mini guns. [LiveLeak]
Ships on legs. [BBC]


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