More links for 5 Jan 2008

It looks unlikely that medical science will abolish the process of ageing. But it no longer looks impossible. [Economist]
Celebrity maths: Take two famous faces and add them together to make another familiar face. [DailyMail]
A classic photograph which took 26 tries to create. Halsman counted to four, Dali leapt, 3 assistants threw the cats, one threw the water from a bucket and Halsman's wife held the chair. [Flickr]
Picture of a lightning striking a tree. [Flickr]
A picture of workers carrying bricks on their head. [Zattevrienden]
Building blocks of life may have been found in a ring of red dust surrounding a distant star. [Pa]
NASA Mars images reveals a "Doorway" structure. [Daily Galaxy]
Insect attack may have finished off dinosaurs. [OSU]
5 unbelievably cool research facilities. [DeputyDog]
Las Vegas to build world’s first 30 Story vertical farm. [Next Energy News]
Scientists create machine that knows what you are thinking. [DailyMail]
Energy-saving light bulbs can be bad for your skin, doctors are warning. [This Is London]
A sales executive who was told he may never have children after being struck by lightning while jogging has become a proud father. [Telegraph]
DNA test clears man of rape 26 years later. [Msnbc]
Sperm donor wins court challenge over child support. [Keyetv]