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New Battery Keeps Going and Going and Going

Evolta battery cellJapan's Panasonic has created the world's longest-lasting alkaline battery, according to Guinness World Records.

Panasonic promises its new Evolta battery cell — whose name is derived from "evolution" and "voltage" — will keep gadgets running 20 per cent longer than offerings from rivals Duracell and Energizer, as well as its own upscale Oxyride batteries.

The battery also has a 10-year shelf life, making it suitable to store in preparation for disasters. Other batteries have about five to seven years of shelf life, according to Panasonic officials.

Evolta goes on sale in April in Japan, and is planned for overseas markets later this year. The batteries will cost about $5.40 US for a pack of four in Japan, or about 15 per cent higher than regular batteries.

Source: Cbc
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