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Nine-Year-Old's Level Head Stops 70mph Crash

Jonathan AndersonAn autistic boy of nine was hailed a “superhero” yesterday for steering his mother’s car across three lanes of traffic at 70mph (112km/h) after she fainted at the wheel.

Jonathan Anderson took over the controls of the Toyota Avensis after mother Marion, 34, slumped unconscious as they drove to school.

He screamed at her to wake up then grabbed the wheel and pulled the handbrake on – forcing the car to jerk left towards the hard shoulder.

It changed direction and swerved across three lanes of rush hour traffic and smashed into the central reservation of the A38 at Plympton, Devon.

The boy managed to steer the car back across the lanes before it weaved up a bank, smashed into a tree and stopped. He then calmly put the hazard lights on and waited for help to arrive.

Both were taken to hospital but miraculously escaped without injury.

Source: Daily Express
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