Perfect Proposal, Except the Ring Fell In the River

Devin Smith of Chattanooga, Tennessee spent months orchestrating a romantic proposal on the river pier, only to watch his girlfriend's perfect engagement ring fall 40 feet into the Tennessee River.

It was just one of those moments. It happened in slow motion," said Devin. "I went to open the ring box. It (the ring) hopped out of the box, bounced off the pier and into the river."

Amanda explained, "He went on ahead and proposed. He said, your ring may be in the bottom of the Tennessee River, but our love is forever. Will you marry me?" Amanda said yes, but like any bride-to-be, she wanted to display the proof on her finger.

That night, Devin's mother had a dream... a sign pointing them in the right direction. "I just dreamed that we found the ring, and that it was on rocks, but there was water running over the ring," explained Kim Smith.

The next day diver John Scruggs dove 12 feet into the swift, Tennessee River in search of the missing ring. Within thirty seconds of going down, Scruggs found the ring.

The ring is now permanently placed on Amanda's finger.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Wcbd
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