Schoolgirl's Guide to Teenage Slang

Lucy van AmerongenA school girl from Britain has written a guide to teenage slang for confused parents.

Lucy van Amerongen, 13, penned The A-Z of Teen Talk after her parents complained they couldn’t follow her conversations with pals – and a publisher snapped it up.

Now Lucy, who goes to posh private school Cheltenham Ladies’ College, is “stoked” (very happy) because sales of her “nang” (cool) book are “owdish” (excellent).

Her guide includes 300 teen words such as “antwacky” (unstylish), “cotch down” (sleep), “rago” (OK) and “zip” (yob).

It also includes her three golden teen talk rules – never make eye contact when talking to a “mouldie” (parent), always mumble inaudibly, and try to include “like” in every sentence.

Lucy, of Box, Gloucs, said: “I hope the book clears up confusion. Some parents don’t give teenagers enough credit for some of the words they use. More come up every day and a lot are very creative.”

Source: The Sun
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