Death of the Father: British Scientists Discover How to Turn Women's Bone Marrow into Sperm

Scientists in England say they may have found a way to produce sperm from a woman's bone marrow, effectively cutting men out of the reproductive cycle.

In April last year, Prof Karim Nayernia, Professor of Stem Cell Biology at Newcastle University, made headlines by taking stem cells from adult men and making them develop into primitive sperm.

He has now managed to repeat the feat of creating the primitive sperm cells with female embryonic stem cells in unpublished work.

He has applied for permission to start experiments and could be doing so within months.

New Scientist magazine said the process could transform a woman's bone marrow to sperm through the addition of certain chemicals and vitamins.

Theoretically, a lesbian couple could both be biological parents to a new child after using their own bone marrow to create sperm.

If the treatmant was ever used there would be even less men contributing to the reproduction pool, as the absence of a Y-chromosome in the female sperm would make it impossible to create male children.

Source: This Is London & & Telegraph
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