Shark Chomps A Shark at Underwater Adventures

A tunnel full of aquarium visitors were treated to a true, raw display of nature. Jessie, the nine foot, 300 pound sand tiger shark is the biggest shark in the Underwater Adventures Aquarium at the Mall of America. On Friday, she chomped down on a four and a half foot, 50 pound white tip reef shark.

Workers used a pair of feeding tongs to grab the tail of the reef shark, pull and eventually free the little shark from Jessie's death-grip.

The little shark then swam to the other end of the tank where a couple more workers yanked her out just in time. Experts say a bleeding, flailing fish like the reef shark would not have lasted a minute in a tank full of other sharks.

Fortunately, the female reef shark will survive, albeit with scrapes and bite marks along her back. Her caregivers expect she'll need some time to recover. Meantime, they don't plan on returning her or the other white tipped reef sharks to the aquarium.

Video: YouTube
Source: Kare11
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