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Shopper Cracks Open 'Billion-To-One' Triple Yolk Egg

A triple-yolk and a double-yolk eggA shopper cooked up an "billion-to-one" meal when he cracked open a triple-yolk egg. The 62-year-old, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, who did not want to be named, bought the eggs from Asda in Morley. And when he broke two into a frying pan for his steak-and-egg dinner, he discovered that, not only did one contain three yolks, but the other was a double-yolker. "I was absolutely gob-smacked," he said after tucking in.

Source: Yep & Pa
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Matt over at the TSheets blog just posted pictures of a triple-yolk egg that he discovered as he was making his breakfast! You can see it here: http://digg.com/odd_stuff/The_Triple_Yolk. I was just curious how rare/common this sort of thing was, when I happened upon your blog entry. Amazing and weird.

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