Sleeper Awakes With Freight Train on Top

TrainA man had a miraculous escape yesterday, sustaining only minor injuries when a freight train rolled over the top of him while he slept between the tracks.

The Bendigo man, 20, was sleeping at a level crossing in Port Augusta, 300km northwest of Adelaide, when the train approached about 3.40am.

The driver spotted the man and applied the emergency brake, but the FreightLink train, carrying 3000 tonnes of freight, was unable to stop in time.

The train rolled over the man, still lying between the tracks, and stopped just ahead of him.

It is believed the man hit his head on the train while trying to sit up. It is understood he may have been intoxicated.

FreightLink general manager Tony Aldridge said the tracks were "not the best place" to take a nap. "It was probably lucky he was lying in such a way that the train actually went over him rather than across him," he said.

Source: The Australian
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