Squirrels 'Fake It' To Fool Would-Be Thieves

A squirrelTheir quick intelligence, razor-sharp memory and ruthless cunning have made them a foe of gardeners everywhere. Now it turns out that grey squirrels are even more devious than anyone realised.

To protect their winter food stocks from potential thieves, they put on an elaborate show of burying non-existent nuts and seeds.

Once they have dug a small hole in a flower bed, woodland floor or lawn, they act as if they are thrusting a small object into the gap. They complete the deception by covering the fake cache of food with a layer of soil or leaves.

Scientists say the fake burials are designed to confuse any rival squirrels, birds or humans who might be watching.

The level of deception has astonished animal experts who say it shows a rare form of animal cunning and intelligence.

Source: This Is London
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