Top Fun Dancer Directs Jets

An RAF ground crew man has become a video star — break-dancing as he directs $50 million Tornado jets.

Dean Tabreham, 28, was filmed larking around as he guided Top Gun pilots and their 1,000mph GR4 bombers taxiing on the tarmac during a Nato training exercise.

The video starts by showing how other nations’ ground crews marshal jets. After the more traditional Americans, Spanish, Germans, Italians and Dutch, dotty Dean hits the tarmac.

He kicks off with his Everett-style hands and brings his Tornado out while dancing to the song YMCA, doing all the actions — and fitting in the correct marshal signals at the same time.

After another song he performs a series of backflips and break-dancing moves with the Tornado wingtip passing just over his head.

He next entices a Tornado out of its slot to the backing of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

And finally, dressed like one of the runners in the 118 TV ads, he warms his hands on the exhaust of a passing fighter. Dean is a senior aircraft technician who works on the flight line and he and his team are known as “Lineys”.

Video: YouTube
Source: The Sun
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