Zoo Mourns Death Of Crooked-Neck Giraffe

Gemina the crooked-necked giraffeGemina the “crooked-necked giraffe,” one of the Santa Barbara Zoo’s most recognizable and beloved animals, was euthanized Wednesday.

“We observed a decline in her appetite over the past two weeks and she had stopped eating all together,” said Alan Varsik, the Zoo’s Director of Animal Programs and Conservation.

It is believed that her final ailment was not related to her neck condition, officials said. “Her demise is consistent with the challenges of old age,” said Varsik.

Gemina has lived at the Santa Barbara Zoo since she was approximately 1 year old. Her condition began around age 3 and has developed over the years, though the cause is unknown.

She had been X-rayed and examined by the zoo's veterinarian, but the findings were not conclusive, officials said.

"She received quality care throughout her entire life," said Varsik."Gemina led a very typical existence and was treated as a normal member of the herd. She did not appear to be in discomfort and exhibited normal giraffe behaviors."

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Source: Nbc11
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Cory said…
That's terrible! I used to live in SB, and I loved to go to the zoo to see that giraffe. RIP Gemina.