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After Accident Woman Finds Cow In Car

A woman suddenly found an unexpected passenger in her back seat while driving home with her daughter after running a simple errand.

Tonya Coccia, 46, said the street was dark when she suddenly saw cows that had wandered out onto the road from a nearby farm. She swerved, but hit two of them. One was a massive Black Angus.

“I only saw it for a split second before it came up it into my windshield,” Coccia said.

One of the cows had gone airborne.

“There was airbags and smoke and me and my daughter was losing it. I thought that was it, but I felt my car start shaking.”

The cow had flipped over the roof of the car, gone through the back window and landed in the back seat.

The cow in the back seat was not seriously injured, but the second cow did not survive.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Wcbvtv
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