Bug's "Bird Poop" Disguise

This larval swallowtail butterfly's clever disguise (left) is literally a load of crap.

In its larval stages, the Asian swallowtail—also known as the Chinese or Japanese yellow swallowtail—mimics the appearance of bird droppings to prevent predators from gobbling it up.

In its last phase of development, the insect turns green (right) to blend into the leaves on which it lives.

Source: National Geographic


TomStarling said…
Those clever caterpillars know that predators want to stay away from them if they look like bird droppings! Maybe because bird droppings are dangerous; they can transmit over 60 potentially deadly diseases to humans. Take a tip from the predators Keep nuisance birds (and therefore their droppings) away from your homes and other places you frequent. Many environmentally friendly and animal safe products are available.