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Couple Was Born, Died On the Same Day

Diana Kraft and her husband, Kent, had been married for about 43 years, both born on the same day: Sept. 2, 1941. Diana Kraft had battled Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and Kent had a brief illness.

Police spokesman Loren McManus said the deaths of the Krafts were not suspicious or criminal. He said Kent Kraft had a heart condition.

It was a unique situation, reminiscent of the movie “The Notebook,” he said.

“It’s kind of like that. They’ve been together forever and she was very, very sick and she died,” McManus said. “Whatever effect that had on him, that was it.”

Joel Vipond, funeral director at Miller Funeral Home, said he has never experienced this in his 30 years of funeral service - in which a couple are born and died on the same day.

“It is about as unusual as it gets,” he said. “To have a couple die in the home of totally unrelated causes is rare.

Source: ArgusLeader

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